Business IT Security

Introducing EnESTSecure Team, our answer to cyber security threats in the business world today.

Cyber Security threats and malware have reached a new chapter in the business world today. In the past, attackers demonstrated a technical prowess by gaining access to data or systems and wreaking minor havoc on a networks. They were honored within their communities for their skill set and the IT department would be dealt a bad day of cleanup. In recent years the aim, scope and number of cyber security attacks has changed dramatically. Large criminal enterprises have focused on the montization of these technical skill sets.

Malware today is designed is designed by highly trained and disciplined companies to be undetected and more portable than ever before. The goal of the attacks has also changed from simply gaining access, to actually extracting data. Attacks on larger enterprises may target customer data with the intent to steal identities for sale, where attacks on smaller businesses frequently target data as a source of ransom.

Our EnEST SecureUS Team has a highly Technical Training. They are fully trained to address security concerns a their most probable entry points. Our Security Team can accomplished by inspecting data as it passes into and out of your network, filtering requests that users are making from their computers, and inspecting software in real time as computers encounter it. This multifaceted approach to security greatly reduces the risk that an attack is executed successfully. Most of these attacks are designed to take advantage of known vulnerabilities. Systematically shutting these down with EnEST SecureUS Team will thwart the vast majority of threats, greatly reducing the risk to your organization’s data.

To find out how safe and secure your data and infrastructure really is, give us a call at (+880) 1912 477 441 or send an email, and we will be happy to help.